In 2013, a burning desire to learn about what is involved in creating the perfect cup of coffee was born. Sunrise Coffee Roasters embarked on a journey of knowledge and understanding relative to the intricacies of coffee narratives. As a result, so much has been learnt over the years. Enabling a broader perspective of the natural gifts and wonders of the palatable world. This includes where coffee beans are discovered, the growing and processing of coffee and so on…

A passion for the varying factors of distinctive coffee beans was established, leading to a yearning to share a solid relationship between quality coffee and the local community. But as the years have gone by, we have grown in the roasting category and developed the skills necessary for adjusting and implementing roasting profiles.

Sunrise Coffee Roasters comprises of three enthusiastic coffee lovers: we are Joshua, Alex, and Paul.

Our Mission and Values

In keeping in line with fair trade and environmental sustainability our beans are sourced through accredited channels that support fairness and assurances for the future. Our products follow the guidelines associated with managing the environment and fair wage opportunities, making sure they reach your door-step with appropriateness.
Both our cold brew concentrate and roasted beans demonstrate the specific flavours of their origins. Therefore, we highlight through specific roasting profiles, and yet as a result we have different characteristics in each cup. Each origin bean in our blends is complementary of its counterparts, providing a smooth balance of flavours, notes and all-round feel. The intention of the blends is to produce a sensation of taste that inspires an urge to explore what the world has to offer. Through a modified and defined blend various regions of the world come together in a unique manner, tantalizing on the palate with enjoyment and a sense of exploration. Essentially, we bring the world to you.   
Coffee beans contain a wide variety of flavours that depend on numerous variables. The climate, location, farming, washing and drying methods all play a role in the specific flavour notes of each bean. On that note, through the roasting process the final flavour has been developed. But, we have found that the process determines the experience of each cup and that is different for each person. Therefore, there’s a bean we roast for every preference and we do not want to be limited to one roast profile or even one specific bean. In saying that, we enjoy going on a journey with our customers. So that we can match them with the right product they are looking for.

From the Soil to the Soul – Creating the Sunrise Experience

With Select Procedure


Coffee berries are passionately grown with care, developing specific characteristics, flavours and tones that define a bean’s connection to its origin.


Based on origin and traits, dried green coffee beans (coffee berry seeds) are diligently selected. These choice beans are meticulously roasted according to precise profiles that bring out the best in quality taste and comfort.


Quality coffee beans are ground to size and according to preferred brewing method..


Choice of brewing method finalizes intended satisfaction (e.g. the Pour-Over is an excellent way to make good coffee).


Coffee Beans

Assured Taste and Flavour

Through a dedicated method our hand-picked single origin coffee beans relish in a roasted flavour that produces a desirable dimension of taste.

Single origin beans  and specialty blends are on offer.

*Limited stocks apply:  in 125g sampler,

250g, 500g and 1kg bags of your choice of  whole or ground beans.

Cold Brew Concentrate

A Refreshing Change

Our cold brew coffee is tried and tested by our local community. Satisfaction guaranteed…

Cold brew coffee adds to your daily delights in an elevated and refreshing way. 

Available in four sought-after flavours: 

Coastal Breeze,              
Amanecer de Colombia,  
Emanuela’s Blend, and    
Mexican Sunshine.

Body Scrub

Coffee for the Body

Our exfoliating body scrub is homemade –  with all natural products. Roasted single  origin coffee beans are used to the benefit of  lavish, healthy beautiful skin. 

Product Ingredients:                   

Coffee Beans, Coconut Oil, Sugar, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Extract.     

Available in sizes: 100g, and 250g.

Coming soon:

Coffee scrub bars!!!! So keep an eye out later in 2020.