At Sunrise Coffee Roasters, we both drum roast and air-roast depending on the final product. 

Drum roasting is the traditional form of coffee roasting, which utilizes spinning the beans over an intense heat. The roasting profile determines the quality and flavour of the bean.

Air-roasting forgoes the need to first heat a roasting drum – saving on time and energy. As hot air circulates through the cylinder, the beans to allow for a clean, even roast. 

What is air-roasting?

Air-roasting is an innovative process involving a current of hot air that is directly applied to a batch of coffee beans, achieving and maintaining a consistent roast profile.

What is the difference between cold brew and ice coffee?

Cold brew coffee the process where ground coffee brewed in cold water, then left to infuse for a specific period of time. This method removes some of the acidity and bitterness that is typical of a coffee drink. Additionally, cold brew coffee tends to hold a larger amount of caffeine than espresso based drinks. 

Iced coffee is an espresso based drink (with added water and milk) retaining accustomed acidic and bitter flavors.  

What We Do


Our coffee is sourced from local Australian wholesalers, who acquire premium quality beans from established regions and farms. We ensure that our coffee beans meet the expectations of taste and sustainability, whilst still supporting our local businesses.  

What do we offer?

Sunrise Coffee Roasters offers cold brew concentrate, roasted beans, as well as coffee body scrub. Regardless of location and setting we provide cold brew for the office, cafe, and home. Contact us to find out how today. 

Why sunrise coffee roasters?

We are always looking for new and creative ways to set ourselves apart from typical roasters. It is not about selling beans, it is about making your coffee experience memorable.